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Willy Barros – Inspiring traveler!

“A country, even a small one, is still big. Do you want to know a place? Turn off the TV and travel there.” Due to advices like this one, Willy Barros is an inspirational traveler full of amazing stories to share.

Willy is a kind of traveler we want to follow and, who knows, become friend. His Instagram profile is very cool @eimaetovivo.

This guy from Bahia, Brazil, is a back packer, traveled to several places and since January (2018) has been focused in a world travel. I asked him: Will you travel for how long? “I don’t know, let’s let my life answer it. My life has being wiser than me” he answered.

When he was 17, Willy moved to South Africa and since then, never stopped. He sees his trips as a journey and his attitude drove him to where he is now. He went to Africa running away from his studies and did his first backpack trip to avoid spending the New Year’s Eve with people he didn’t want to be with. Then, from one route change to another, when we talked he was in Azerbaijan, which by the way, was what drove me to write him, as it’s a region full of stereotypes and I’d like to know what is true and what is not.

He told me that somehow what we heard about Middle East is true, but is more like a caricature created by the West. Everything there is bigger, more fascinating and is beyond and abstract idea. As always, the best part are the people from there. They are generous, willing to help and extremely curious to know a different culture and share more details about their own culture. In few words: “A country, even a small one, is still big. Do you want to know a place? Turn off the TV and travel there.”

OMG I hope you’re considering this post as amazing as I’m doing 🙂

Willy provided me content for several posts – from his challenges in South Africa (he defines that experience as a Big Brother’s survivor) to the magical Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (a place that he strong recommend). What inspires me is the beauty of the transformations provided by each trip. Every open-minded traveler is an interesting person.

As the best person to talk about Willy is nobody but himself, I invite you to follow his IG profile @eimaetovivo. And I’m leaving this post with an extra lesson from our inspirational traveler: “Before my trip to Africa, my dad gave me an advice that still influences my life: be ready to listen and late to speak. That’s it! The secret of social coexistence. In a world full of inflated egos, opinions and proud, positioning ourselves in the opposite direction and stay in the backstage looks like a bad idea for winners. You know, right now, I’m in Azerbaijan. Probably this concept is not too wrong.”

Thank you very much Willy! Keep traveling and sharing your experience with us!


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