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Punta Del Este is right over there!

One of the most amazing and happiest peninsula in South America! You are going to fall in love to Punta Del Este!

Punta Del Este, Uruguai, has its own place in my heart.

There are so many reasons to like Punta: the biggest casino hotel of Latin America (Conrad), its mansions, cruise route, amazing restaurants, Manolo’s churros, beautiful beaches, some people also like an ugly sculpture called Los Dedos located at Brava Beach. Doesn’t matter the reason, Punta is a lovely city.

Punta is real! You can find sophistication, especially during the high season when the international jet set is around, but also you will find many simple things to do. The city is eclectic. You can be and can do whatever you want. The standard is no standard. Everybody is welcome and free over there!

Carlos Páez Vilaró, an Uruguayan artist who lived at Casa Pueblo (a must go) used to say, “without craziness there’s no magnitude”. Once in Punta you understand it. The city is inspiring and assure you a crazy happiness and your heart will be full of good feelings.

My best New Year’s Eve parties were there, the most beautiful sunsets and I made many friends in Punta who remain with me.

Seriously, you should try.


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