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Here, we share travel experiences!

Welcome to Logo Ali!

“Logo Ali” is an expression in Portuguese that means “Right over there”.

I am Nani Duraes, Brazilian, traveler and driven by passion! After exploring so many place and having the fascinating experience of living abroad (I live in Boston, USA), I’ve decided creating an area to share with you my travel experiences.

This is not a blog with travel tips (ok, sometimes you can find some here). This is a blog about people, culture and history. The biggest lesson with my trips is that when we are opened to meet new things, we changed. Our mind stops judging and understands that every place is different. No better or worse. Just different. And this should be admired and respected. The result is that we became better people, lighter, happier and open minded.

My only intention here is sharing what I’ve learned. I invite you to do the same. Make yourself comfortable! Share your experiences! This is your place as well 🙂

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