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Grandma Diva: inspiring traveler!

She is 75 and loves to travel! She has also visited 31 countries and has many plans to go new places. Meet Grandma Diva, our inspirational traveler!


This is how our inspiring traveler expresses her relationship with her trips. Grandma Diva started traveling at the age of 23. Today, with her healthy 75 years of life, she keeps the wanderlust spirit and is always looking for a place to go!

She travels with her family, friends and by herself! Grandma Diva checks the weather on the destination, organizes her schedule to make sure she will keep her balanced diet, packs her raincoat and pills and simply goes, brave and curious!

Since when she started traveling, Grandma Diva has visited 31 countries such as Israel, China, Japan, Haiti, Morocco, Cuba and Egypt. Egypt, however, holds a special place for her. She says that Egypt touched her so deeply, mainly because of the honor to be in a place that represents the beginning of our civilization.

What feeds her passion for traveling is her need to learn, the happiness she feels when she finds new cultures, the chance to be closer to the Nature on its different formats and the amazing energy that every traveler knows.

Our inspirational traveler has a very interesting characteristic: the only language she speaks is Portuguese (she is Brazilian). To get what she wants, she uses her charisma. And I can tell you that this barrier doesn’t scare her. “I never felt fear of traveling. Being 75 years-old I travel by myself and never had problems. I always go and come back”.

I’m in love and inspired per Grandma Diva for several reasons:

  1. Traveling is about choices, there’s no barriers or limits. You just need to want to do it.
  2. It doesn’t make sense cancelling a trip because you don’t have anybody to go with you. If our beautiful grandma travels by herself, we can do the same, right?
  3. Even with all her wisdom, she keeps an open mind to learn and explore new things. This is amazing! While we’re alive, we must be open to learn!

Right now, she is packing for a trip to the Northeast region in Brazil with the grandkids and daughters. I wish a long life and health to Grandma Diva! Keep going and coming back, collecting and sharing your amazing stories.


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