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Barcelona is right over there!

Barcelona is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe. There are more than enough reasons to visit this amazing city!

Imagine a kind of place where there is always something happening. This is Barcelona!

High-energy talks out loud there and people has emotion on their veins, which collaborate for all the adrenaline you can feel there.

I have a lot of reasons to love Barcelona. I guess this is a must see city. Starting with the architecture, and from this standpoint we can go straight to the Holy Family Cathedral, one of the most impressive in the world. The construction started in 1882 and this is not finished yet, but still beautiful. People say that the Holy Family Cathedral is an endless construction. Gaudi, the architect, used to say that his customer was not in a rush. The point is that cathedral is a symbol of the worldwide architecture. It’s beautiful inside and out!

Talking about Gaudi, his art is spread across over the city, which helps Barcelona to be a unique and colorful city. It’s pretty easy to recognize Gaudi’s art and feel the happiness that his creation brings.

Barcelona is also recognized for its great food! The gastronomy is influenced by the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. Lot of great options of restaurants, bars and art!

A contemporary city, able to reinvent itself and teaches a lot to its visitors. Barcelona is Love! By the way, the Valentine’s Day in Cataluña is celebrated on April, 23rd. It’s called Saint Jordi’s Day. According the tradition, the women win flowers and they give books to the men. Isn’t it so beautiful?

Bonus tip: once in Barcelona, try don’t compare the city with Madrid. Two amazing cities but completely different. This comparison is not nice in any of the cities.

Have you ever been there? Please, share your experience!


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