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Brussels is right over there!

A city full of icons and symbols that we love and didn’t know that are from there!

When I’ve been in Brussels I was aware that the city has some of the best beers in the world and I was curious to see everything related with flowers: those huge flower’s carpets at Grand Place and the flowers markets spread in the city.

Once there, the city reveals itself easily and each corner had an enchantment that make us want all of our loved ones there.

The Grand Place, main Brussels square, is one of the most beautiful in the world in my opinion. Beautiful and cozy. Sit anywhere and simply admire the amazing architecture, the flow and all the energy in that place. It’s a very special place. Don’t forget to visit during the day and also at night. The lights make it even more special.

The beer reputation is true! There’s a bar called Delirium that serves more than 3,000 labels of beer.

How about the Belgian chocolate? OMG amazing! They have many stores and chocolatiers for every taste.

By the way, if you are on a diet, forget Brussels. Besides the beer and chocolate, you gonna find there the best French fries and the best waffles ever! I’m not kidding, I wish I had two stomachs to be able to eat more there lol.

Another thing: do you remember a cartoon called Tintin? He is Belgian! It was so nostalgic meeting him there. In Brussels Tintin has museum, stores and his adventures spread in many walls across the city. Talking about walls, don’t forget to visit the Comic Route, it’s so cool and worth the visit.

Overall, there’s a vintage vibe in Brussels. Not only the architecture, but also lifestyle and the many antique markets in the city. Brussels is beautiful, clean, cool, international, cult and modern. I really recommend a visit!

If you have been there, share your experience 🙂


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