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Prague is right over there!

One of the oldest cities in Europe is full of attractions to suit all tastes! Prague is a lovely city!

The first population in Prague dates from 1232 and at that time the city was already considered an important commercial center. In 1918, it became the capital of the new state of Czechoslovakia and since then the city faced several troubles: world wars, Nazi invasion, communism … even the Vltava River overflowed causing huge damage to the city in 2002. None of this was able to take away the beauty and charm of Prague.

This ability of recovering and move on is amazing! I learn a lot with this example. That’s why I love the history of the places I visit – there’s much more to learn than we can imagine!

Prague has a lot to offer. Starting with the castle, which is wonderful, one of the biggest in the world. It’s worth spending a day visiting the castle and the streets around it. Another trademark of the city is the Orloj, the most incredible astronomical clock ever. As I’m crappy with numbers, even had been tried hard, I couldn’t understand how this clock works. What I do know is that hour by hour it has a kind of parade of the 12 apostles and images that represent the fears of society (at least at that time) – vanity, avarice, death and pagan invasion. Super cool to watch, especially if you get a little table in one of the bars that sit right in front of the clock. Order a beer and a portion of klobasa (a smoked sausage) and just wait for the clock show time.

Speaking of beer, some are cheaper than water. Omg, you can drink good beer all day long spending almost nothing! In fact, Prague leads the ranking of beer per capita in a year.

What time is it? 😜

Another curiosity is the tradition in woodcrafts, a highlight for the puppets. You will find several Pinocchio in the little shops and there are puppet theaters in various places. I’ve enjoyed watching a presentation. Cute.

If you are like me and love a panoramic view, in Prague are many towers that you can climb and enjoy the city from above. In fact, it has the nickname of City of 100 Pinnacles. Actually, nowadays there are over 500. I recommend the Clock Tower and the Castle Tower (your legs will suffer a bit, but it is worth it).

As if all of these were not enough, Prague is such a musical city, which makes it even more beautiful and super romantic! Jazz, lots of jazz … Everywhere: in the streets, squares, traditional clubs like Reduta, where Bill Clinton played once, or in underground bars that will surprise you with the quality of the bands there perform in these places. It’s incredible!

I can’t fail to mention my favorite place in the city: the Charles Bridge. It’s only 0.3 mile of extension but I spent over 2 hours to cross this bridge that connects Clock Square with the Old Town where the Castle is. The bridge has around 30 statues, representing patrons and saints, gives you a beautiful view of the Vltava River and has several street artists: painters, musicians, artisans, etc. Almost a sin to go to Prague and don’t cross Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge – it’s busy but charming!

Prague is simply amazing!

Now your turn, have you been to Prague? Share with us your opinion!


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