Let’s talk about travel behavior?

Some slight adjustments on how we position ourselves in a different place, could be extremely helpful and make us enjoy our trip even more!

Here is one of my favorite topics: the ideal traveler behavior. The more we travel, the more we learn how to be a traveler. Trust me: not everybody who travels is a traveler. The point is that slight adjustments in our behavior can be extremely helpful and make us enjoy our trip even more. I’m going to start with my TOP5.

  1. Everything you do in your country is cool only in your country. I always recommend reading about your destiny before. Try to learn about their culture, habits, traditions, what is allowed and what is not. It makes a huge difference for your trip.
  2. From the moment you leave your city, you become a stranger. When we are strangers, the first thing to do is observing, then act. Remember this verb: TO OBSERVE! This is the key for every traveler.
  3. Allow yourself to try different kind of food. Yes, I know. I love the traditional too… Bagels, sausage, eggs… all good. But when we open our mind for different tastes and flavors, we can learn a lot about a place.
  4. Every place has its own rhythm. If you respect that you gonna understand and feel the energy there. No rush when traveling. Some people want to do everything at the same time. For example: Someone has only 2 days in Paris and wants to see Eifel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Senna River, Versailles and so on and so on. Of course this won’t work. Traveling should be a pleasure, not a punishment. Relax! Allow yourself to seat in a park and just watch people, feel the breeze and breath lol! You gonna add another vibe to your trip. The place will be there and you always can came back.
  5. Don’t travel without information and ask for information every time you need it. Sounds bit stupid arriving in a place without a minimum of information. Be informed, please! And don’t be shy, go forward and talk with strangers. Ask about what to do for the hotel concierge, for the Airbnb host, for the taxi driver, waiter, residents, etc. They will surprise you and also there’s a chance of making new friends. As you may know, people are always the best surprise in every trip.

Now, your turn. Share with us what you’ve learned during your trips. I want to learn with you as well.


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