Inspiring travelers

Gabi and Felipe – inspiring travelers!

They decided taken a break on their routine, bought a Volkswagen Bus (Kombi) and are doing an amazing trip. Gabi and Felipe are right over there!


When I created Logo Ali page on Facebook, my friend BB told me that there was a page with the same name and it was about travel as well. Such a coincidence.

Curious, I visited the page and met Gabi and Felipe, a couple that decided take a break on their overloaded routine and started a different trip. Both had the same idea: traveling to nature sites with low budget.

They bought a Volkswagen Bus, made it a motorhome, and since 5/15/2017 are traveling to several places, all of them right over there.

As I love VW Bus and traveling, I felt that I needed to share their story. Then I sent a message asking for authorization and, after their answer, I wish to be a friend. They were so kind and opened, a classic traveler’s soul behavior: friendly, open minded and transformed by the best investment in life!

I learned a lot reading their blog. My biggest inspiration is that we need focus and planning to do a long trip. Also is important to be flexible as plan can fail, unexpected things can happen and even though, you can’t lose your focus. The message is: you need a plan even to change your plan 🙂

To Gabi and Felipe I wish a lot of adventures and good stories. And if you know other inspirational travelers, please send their contact to me. I want to learn with these people who understand that traveling is a need.


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