Do you want to enjoy your trip? Some tips for your preparation!

Such an amazing feeling! My first post!!! Finally I made it #dreamcomingtrue

I’ve decided starting this blog talking about travel planning because it makes the difference. Here, 10 tips to ensure a cool trip 😉

  1. If you’re doing an international trip, check the expiration date in your passport and make sure you’re traveling at least 6 months before this period. If the expiration date is about less than six months, take a new passport. You don’t need to freak out because of that, right? Same for visa.
  2. Check address, phone number and office hours of your country consulate or embassy.
  3. I always split my money and credit card in two wallets (I’ve been robbed already, so lesson learned). I don’t want this awful experience to you but if something has come up you can survive with your 50% until you organize everything.
  4. Take picture of your passport (the page with your picture), visa and credit card. If you lose any document, these pictures will help you to fix the situation faster.
  5. My emergency contact is a friend available and wise. If someone needs to call her, I know I have someone I trust who will take care of everything to me. Can you imagine someone calling my mom saying that I am in trouble? I guess it wouldn’t work #justsaying
  6. If you’re doing a long trip, think about leave your home key with someone you trust (in this case, mom is the best person lol)
  7. I know this is not easy, but you don’t need to carry your entire closet on your trips. Usually, my luggage has clothes for half of my trip and I use public laundries. Try it 😉
  8. Don’t travel without travel insurance. This is a money you don’t want to save. If you’re doing a national trip, check if your health insurance coverage is extended to the whole country.
  9. I’ve created a rule for my travel budget: 100 “moneys” a day (US$ or EUR). Of course, air ticket and hotel aren’t included in this math. It makes me able to do the coolest things – from a dinner in the best restaurant to some exclusive experience. Trust me: it works.
  10. Get the more information as you can about your destination. I like to know everything –  history, typical food, traditions, etc. It’s always better travel to check everything you already learned. Looks like the place was waiting for you. After learn so much, you may decide to create a blog to share your experience 😉

These are my tips to make your travel plan easier. If you want to share yours, leave your comment. This space is all ours!


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