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Edinburgh is right over there!

Do not be fooled by the gray and rainy days. Edinburgh is an amazing city that will win you over!

The strongest memory I have of Edinburgh is the wonderful medieval architecture! The chimneys and the Gothic buildings mixed with the gray and brown shades of the city leave everything with a charming and somewhat gloomy air.

Talking about gloomy air, Edinburgh is knowing as one of the most macabre cities in Europe. Just to give you an idea, in 2001 the city hosted a scientific investigation into paranormal phenomena over there. The result had it all: people saying they felt sudden changes in temperature, others who heard voices and some say they felt physical touches. I’m no expert on the subject (and I don’t wanna be), but once in Edinburgh you’ll hear several haunted stories.

I clearly remember two: one of a woman who lives in the Edinburgh Castle, hidden behind a red curtain, watching people every time. The other is a child named Annie, who is 5 years old and is still searching for her favorite doll. By the way, the tradition is leaving a gift for her, when in her neighborhood. Just visit Mary King’s Close and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I think this haunted fame comes from the bloody past of the city. Edinburgh has many narrow streets, knowing as Close, and many people who have been assassinated or executed have already been dropped in these alleys. Remembering that it was a long time ago. The city is very safe nowadays. Another factor was the Black Death  that devastated the city. This epidemic killed a lot of people, like little Annie.

As we know, there are other cities considered haunted in Europe. But it was in Edinburgh that I saw the greatest interaction of people with their ghosts. Are you curious? There are several Ghost Tours available in the city 🙂


I simply love this architecture!

Of course the city is not all about ghosts. There’s much more in Edinburgh to explore.  The Royal Mile, where you will find the main tourist attractions, is beautiful and busy. Edinburgh Castle is amazing, as it is located on the top of an inactive volcano, you will be able to see it in different parts of the city. But you can go up the hill and book half a day to explore the place, because it’s worth it! And if you want to take the day off for royalty, please go to Holyroodhouse Palace. One of the most beautiful and welcoming palaces I have ever seen. Queen Elizabeth often goes there with her puppies once a year.

Oh, it’s also where you’ll eat the best smoked salmon in life. If you feel willing to try others typical dishes, go forward. Unfortunately, my taste is not that curious to eat, for example, guts mixed with potatoes for breakfast. But there’s a lot of great food in the entire Scotland. Edinburgh hosts many great restaurants!

Do you like whiskey? The best single malt are over there. But don’t forget the beers. Scotland is also very famous for its beers and has some breweries open to visit in Edinburgh.

Of course I can not fail to mention the National Museum which is wonderful!

As in most of my travels, the best surprise is people. The Scots are incredible people and very friendly. In the summer I heard that there are incredible festivals that change the mood in the city. Edinburgh also has several incredible pubs and wonderful restaurants. As you can see, a lot to do, lots of places to visit and a lot of cool people to meet. Reasons that explain why Edinburgh is so lovely!

Have you been there? Share your impressions. I’ll love to know!


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