Packing! Montreal, Canada

Getting information about your next stop is the first step to enjoy your trip!

I decided to spend a weekend in Montreal in the beginning of November and I’m using this space to share with you how I prepare a trip.

Doesn’t matter if this is a day-trip, a weekend or a month traveling, preparation is needed. In my opinion, we need to respect a trip otherwise, the schedule can be “cruel” and make you regret for haven’t being in a place or other.

It’s clear to me that a weekend is not enough time for a 2 million people’s city. But the researches about Montreal are being so excited and I’m learning a lot about that city. Counting down to be there.

2 million people – bigger than I’ve imagined. Focus will be needed.

Montreal is famous for its festivals (music, dance and theater). I’d love to join in one of these festivals. Hope something has happening on my weekend there.

There’s a bunch of mentions about Rue Ste.-Catherine, the street where everything happens. 9 miles of extension and full of options. Just in case, I decided to rent my Airbnb close to this street.

A cool curiosity: UNESCO has nominated Montreal as City of Design. It means that I need to pay attention on its architecture.

There are several churches. Looks like is one of the cities with more churches per square feet. I picked Notre-Dame Basilica to visit. Loved the pictures I saw on Google.

I also heard that the subway stations are simply amazing. There’s a kind of underground city, need to understand it better. Anyway, no car in Montreal, I’m going to use public transportation.

As I already mentioned in other posts, food says a lot about a place. I heard about Poutine (fries with cheese and special sauce) that is very typical there. There is a place called La Banquese that serves the most traditional Poutine. This place is on my list!

Bagel is also traditional, like in the US. Maybe my street-food will be a bagel sandwich.

From the other hand, one of the most sophisticated (and expensive) restaurants is the La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse – considered one of the best steakhouse in the world. I’m going to check it by myself.

I don’t have patience for shopping, so I’m skipping shopping malls.

With all these information, my next step is checking with bloggers and people that I know that had been there if I’m on the right direction.

Trust me: this step is so cool! I really recommend invest some time in researches about your trip 🙂


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