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Berlin is right over there!

Berlin is a kind of a city where everything happens! It’s a must go!

I love this city so much!

It’s the most important city in Germany ever. Has many war wounds that are possible to be seeing for everyone who wants. One example is the pinnacle of The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (downtown) or the Berlin Wall pathway (that had around 93 miles of extension). Berlin is an old lady full of scars and stories to tell. Also, is an young kid extremely modern and reference in science, technology, sports, lifestyle, culture, arts and architecture. The city pulses so bad! Please, add it on your wish list.

Interesting seeing that cities with war in their history kind find some comfort within arts, which became an important reference. Berlin isn’t different. There you can find the Museum Island – Humanity’s Cultural Heritage since 1999 with 5 huge museums extremely celebrated. Also, there is what remained from Berlin Wall, the biggest open-air gallery in the world! So cool!!! There’s more than 100 paintings made for artists from across over the world. Berlin Wall is beautiful and powerful. You can feel agony and happiness at the same time. A bunch of emotions together. I’d recommend you to read about the time Germany was divided in Occidental and Oriental and the cry for freedom that reach out the world in 1989. It’s a recent and interesting history with a beautiful end, full of meanings! Visiting Berlin is a kind of privilege.

About German people, they are incredible and hospitable. Please, remove from your mind the entire stereotype about them. By the way, remember to remove stereotypes from your mind at all. The idea of having everyone in a model built for strangers is insane. Never accept to be a limited and blocked mind.

I have so much more to share about Berlin: breathtaking architecture, parks, public transportation, hipper neighborhoods, people, culture, music… I’ll prepare another post about this fascinating city. You also can share your experiences about Berlin, just leave your comment.

I’m leaving you with a small art collection from East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall).



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