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Gaía Passarelli: Inspiring traveler

Women who are travelers may feel some people looking at them with some concerns in some places. That’s fine. We don’t care.

Our inspiring traveler is Gaía Passarelli, who registered part of her travels in a very cool book: Mas você vai sozinha? (Ed. Globo – Portuguese only :() that has an honest language about the beauty and the challenges of lonely travels.

To me is an honor having Gaia’s experience here in this blog.

Let me start with the most beautiful part of our interview. Take a look on her answer when I asked what is the biggest lesson learned by her travels:

“I love to be with myself and I can do whatever I want without other’s dependence. Another thing that lonely travel teaches is looking around. When you travel alone, you have the chance of being more into culture, language, habits and reality completely different of yours and there’s nobody to use as an excuse to stay away.

I love people who love themselves and are always with their heart opened to receive new things!

Looks like Gaia simply improved this profile through the years. She told me that since when she was a child, do things like go to the theater alone, wasn’t a problem. The first time she traveled by herself happened when she was studying in London, would like to visit Scotland and there was nobody to go with her. She decided to keep her plans and went there. Since then, others trips happened and opened opportunities. Nowadays, hotels and tourism bureaus invite Gaia to travel and share her experience.

Gaia gave us a very important tip: be informed, always! Search for information about the place you’re going, how to go to your hotel from the airport, currency, all information counts.

We wish life give healthy and a lot of travels to Gaia, and hope she keeps sharing her experience with us 🙂


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