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Dubrovnik is right over there!

Dubrovnik is a kind of city with an incredible capacity of recovering, and I love it!

The city was placed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sights in 1979. Its nickname is Pearl of the Adriatic.

But in 1991, after Yugoslavia being dissolved, Montenegro, supported by Servia, created a dispute to define Dubrovnik’s owner: Croatia or Montenegro. Without dialog, the war came and destroyed 70% of the city. #shame.

After the war, the Croatian Government, in partnership with UNESCO, started an amazing project of reconstruction of the city. The result couldn’t be better: nowadays you barely can see signs of war and the vibes in Dubrovnik are amazing!

The city is simply stunning! Imagine a walled city with marble floors, stone houses with terracotta roofs and bathed by the Adriatic sea which has a shade of blue that makes you breathtaking with such beauty. This is Dubrovnik!

Then you can add several bars and restaurants, good music, beautiful people and amazing food! Some bars and restaurants are located on incredible cliffs – you can admire the immensity of that blue sea while eating a good food and drink wine or whatever. Guys, seriously, it’s a place that we feel grateful for being there.

The walled city is pretty small full of tiny streets and ladders. The more you walk there, the more you feel surprised: from the unique architecture to the several forms of art.

You also can walk along the walls. Please, do it! An amazing view and from the top you will understand the love the Croatians feel for their Pearl!

Are you a Game of Thrones addicted? Guess where the King’s Landing was located?

Dubrovnik is a must go! This trip worth! Croatia is a beautiful country and Dubrovnik represents very well this land.


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