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Amsterdam is right over there!

Two things you need to know about Amsterdam:

  1. The whole area where Amsterdam is located was a swamp.
  2. Amsterdam has a free soul. It means a lot!

Figuring that before a city the area was a swamp, make us feel the honor of walking around of one of the biggest and well succeeded urban architecture projects in the world! It’s amazing! Just to bring some numbers: the construction started in the year 1,000. Had several expansions, rebuilding and redesign and in 1,620 they had the current format – a kind of half cycle with 165 canals that meet the ocean. Also, 1,200 bridges and an unbelievable amount of bikes (public transportation). All of these make Amsterdam one of the most charming cities that you gonna visit.

The proud that its residents feel goes beyond the city’s architecture. Amsterdam is an open mind city. The slight houses with big open windows showing what happens inside, are an example that the residents don’t want to hide anything, because they’re free of choice. Freedom and tolerance explain a lot about Amsterdam.

You know, freedom and tolerance are inspirational feelings. This may explains why very important museums in Europe are in Amsterdam.

However, please, understand that there’s rules over there. Netherlands is an extremely organized society and people respect very bad its laws and rules. All about education!

Just fyi, most of the population there don’t like the stereotype about the usage of drugs. The usage of “light” drugs is tolerated, not liberated. You can’t smoke weeds walking on the street, for example. You must go to a coffee shop (most of them located in Downtown). And this is much more for tourists than for residents. By the way, the drugs consumption in Netherlands is one of the smallest in the world.

You should add Amsterdam in your bucket list. It’s a cultural experience surrounded by amazing people!

If you ever been there, share your experience.


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